What is OnCentral?

OnCentral is presently in Beta and is a work in progress. Much can change before the official launch.

OnCentral is a network of portals targeted toward the application developer. All of the portals are 100% community-driven. It's developers like you who post articles and videos, and answer your questions.

What makes our network stand-out from other networks, is that each portal is specific to a particular technology! You don't have to search through a site and sift through the many results trying to find content on the technology you are looking for. Everything in a portal is specific to that technology and nothing else. So you know where to go when you want to find answers or solutions to your questions on that topic.

So if you are an experienced developer and you want to help the community find your content, you can post an Article or Video, or simply create a short article that points back to your own Blog that has the content people are looking for. It costs nothing, so Register today.